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Our history

LocationLeinfelden-Echterdingen (near Stuttgart)
Patents in the electroplating technology and in the exhaust air technique

1961 Foundation of the Company by Richard Tscherwitschke
Start of production in a barn at Echterdingen
Production of glass-fibre reinforced vessels, turned parts made of plastic parts for the engineering industry
First attempts in thermoplasts' processing and production of exhaust plants and tanks
Introduction as a supplier for the electroplating industry
1967 Move into a new building with own design department
1968 First delivery programme with own plating barrels
1970 First export to international electroplating companies
1974 Extension of production surfaces by investment into a sidebuilding
Introduction of mechanical butt welding of plating barrels - the outstanding product feature of our plating barrels
1975 Founding of Richard Tscherwitschke GmbH (a private limited company under German law)
1982 Extension of the company by purchase of an administrative building
2001 Further extension of the company
2002 Richard Tscherwitschke hands over the company management to his son, Andreas Tscherwitschke.
2002 DBU(German Environmental Foundation)-funded project about the reduction of energy consumption and the reduction in carrying away materials in barrel plating
2003 Prototype of a high performance barrel GALVA-R®. The testing at a large customer exceeds all expectations with regard to efficiency and savings potential for barrel plating.
2005 The brand product GALVA-XL® is developed from the prototype of the GALVA-R®.
2011 50 years company anniversary
2017 The patented ZYKLOTOP® droplet separator is awarded with the Leipziger Galvanopreis.
2017 Introduction of a new drive solution for low displacement of bath media.
Launch of the new high performance plating barrel GALVA-HP made of PE 1000.
Rotation speed control intgrated in small plating units.